Who We Are

Lily & Ivory is a creative agency that values people, storytelling and building brands. Our goal is to deliver work that speaks to the real essence of the brands and people we work with. The origins of Lily and Ivory are deeply tied to the founder’s heritage in Zimbabwe.  

Lily  pays homage to  the the 'Flame Lily' the national flower of Zimbabwe. The flame lily represents passion and determine rise and climb against all odds.

Ivory  pays homage to 'Nzou-Samanyanga', a family totem In English that translates to 'elephant with the big tusks'.  Shortened to embody the majestic beauty of one of earths most beautiful and gracious creatures. 

Together they embody elegance, determination, and excellence. Three values that we cherish and bring when it comes to solving-problems and creating images that will stand the test of time. 

What We Do

With over 10 years experience in marketing, sponsorship and graphic design. We have developed an innate understanding in what takes to find and establish a unique and stunning visual brand identity.

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